Thursday, December 28, 2006

Letters from Dear Son #1

These photos are from the disposable camera we sent to Liberia for ds #1. He took many pictures of himself and his friends- the quality is so-so, but in these two photos you can see him pointing to the state of Arkansas and a picture of all 4 children together. We were able to speak with him on Christmas Day. We'd been trying to reach his orphanage for 3 days and finally were able to connect and speak with him. It was very nice to hear his voice, although we could hear a bit of sadness from him. We believe he just wants to be home so badly that this waiting is wearing on him. We are sending letters/packages out to some friends today. They will be traveling to Liberia Jan. 4th. Please pray for their safety and that they will accomplish all their goals while in Liberia. Below you will find some of what ds#1 had to say in his latest letters. Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!

"Dear Mom,
I greet you with love from God our Heavenly Father. Mom, I am very much happy to write you this letter because of the love you have for us. Mom, thank you so much for the camera that you sent for us. I used the camera to take many pictures. I can not wait to be home very soon to see you and my brothers and sisters. Do you think you will win at the Bible game (*I've been playing a "bible game" with him ever since we started writing letters. I write him a verse and then have him tell me what he thinks it means. Then he writes me a verse back and I tell him what I think it means...and so on...), I am studying to win this game! Mom, I am so happy that you and dad are adopting me. Some times when I look at your picture, joy can fill my head and my heart. I love you so much and I can not wait to see you soon. I believe that God can do everything before January 30th that we can be home. I believe my God can do it. Because, with faith God can work.
From your dear son

Dear Mom & Dad,
Thank you for the new name you have given me. I can not wait to come home soon to see all our family and meet my special uncle ****. I am very happy to receive his name, I love this special name so much, when I think of it- joy fills my heart. All praises go to God, the most High, in everything we give God thanks for his good and faithful work to us His children. Please tell my precious sisters and brother I love them and I can not wait to see everyone of them very soon. I want for the adoption paperwork to go very quickly, you can ask *****, she will explain much to you. I can not wait to see you very soon.
Love your son

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