Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New beginnings

I have some new insight this morning about new beginnings, my new beginnings. I go through periods in my life when I start something new- it probably happens many times a year (never stopped to count). I always think to myself "Man, you sure are piling it on. Do you think you've crossed the boundary for what is humanly possible? Don't you think you're overextending yourself just a bit? How do you plan on pulling all this off? Are you going to do this half-way because you don't have the time and energy to fully devote yourself to this?" And the list goes on and on... My new insight is that yes, I may jump in to new things with both feet and do 10 things at once BUT it's because of the motto that I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE ON PURPOSE. I have so many things that I want to do and experience, I just can't wait to do one at a time. I want to get out there and experience life and see what I can do next. There you have it, that's new insight. So yes, I may be tapped out, overwhelmed at times and extreme but I'm beginning to be comfortable with that's just me and how I roll. Trying to do something different would be like tying me up and telling me to be comfortable sitting there. Yea, not so much. I enjoy busting outside the box and living my life (albeit even when I'm thrown some wicked curve balls)!

So without further ado, my current new beginnings list:
New house/community/church/friends/everything.....
TOS Homeschool Crew (Review team for the next school year)
Young Living Essential Oils business (source of income from home and a major interest of mine)
Continuing education for BSN (future income and back-up-plan) & Medical Transcription degree (source of income from home)
Survey team (source of *tiny* income)
Couponing (fun and a challenge)
Planning a womens retreat for Sept 2012 (because I want others to be blessed as I have)
New homeschool year, new ideas (starting planning/lessons) *Lots of new curriculum
Online bible study leader

*Yet to be started: daily exercise, eating/nutrition overhaul and weight loss (ewww, I'm dragging my feet here)

I'm sure there's more, that's all my brain could remember this morning (and on 3/4 cup of coffee). I'm things and ideas bring on a renewed energy for me to lunge forward in my life and not let things get stale. There are other things I want to do but I'm trying to restrain myself. 10 is an even number...instead of one thing at a time, ten should hold me for awhile. Maybe. Philippians 4:13!!

The bible study I'm doing this summer is put on by Good Morning Girls and we're reading Sally Clarkson's book "The Ministry of Motherhood." Good stuff and good reminders. I'm glad my nose has to stay the course as leader of my FB group...great way to NOT become sidetracked. Such important thoughts and realities, so glad I jumped in there! I've wanted to post to their Women in the Word Wednesdays for weeks now...nothing like today to do it! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Where oh where have I gone?

I'm beginning to ask myself that very same question! :)

We've moved (again). In effort to be near Hubby's work, I packed up our crew and we moved all our 'stuff' last weeekend. Wow, what a job! I said that 18 months ago...and I'm saying it again...moving 7 people is just brutal!

In the midst of the sea of boxes, I'm trying to get things back together. So many things are swirling around in my brain- I thought of making a list. I'm second guessing myself, I'm afraid it will further overwhelm me.

We're SW of Chicago now. This weekend we hope to make our very first family trip to IKEA. We're on the search for lights/lamps. What do you think of these for above the kids' beds? Aren't they cute?

I'm thinking they may be to large for 2 in each room, we'll see. The kids love them...of course.

What are you up to this weekend? I'll be unpacking boxes...