Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recognized again

I mentioned in a previous post how I often thought about if people recognized our family as we moved around town doing our every day errands, etc. On Tuesday, as I brought the little boys to karate, a nurse from the clinic called my cellphone. She called to tell me that the Liberian kids need another round of meds for certain lingering bacteria they've been dealing with.... but before she told me what each child needed- we had about a 10 minute conversation. I don't know her, but she (as well as many people working in the clinic) knows our family very well. That just reaffirmed to me that as God gives us certain jobs or ministries, we should be thinking of that at all times. Yes, we are human and we often mess up but as people approach me- I be sure to tell them that we are just like everyone else and are trying our best- we are FAR from perfect people or parents!

I was left thinking about my actions, tone of voice, posture and if I leave people with a word of encouragement as I walk away from our brief encounters. That's really my number one job, right? To show Jesus' love and compassion to others and encourage them!!

Today when we were at the summer reading program at the library (I had just 6 of our children along)- we were recognized again. I had a lovely conversation with one of the women who works there and she commented on how she's kept track of our family through the newspaper articles. Just one more example of the awesome ministry God has given our family. Because of our story (and just the sheer number of children we have!), we are more likely to be recognized by people we don't know. Remember when I posted on the woman at Taco Bell?? Exactly... There was also a woman at the library who knew my Liberian girls- I don't know her but she knows about us. As the mother of these children, I have a very special responsibility not only in raising them every day but also how I teach them to respond to each other and to others. It is true that they are watching me 100% of the time...

Back to the thought (and previous post) I had about shepherding our children... what a privilege God has given me.

Thank you, Father, for seeing the potential in me and trusting me to mother these children. I promise to do my best and try every day to carry out your will and not my own. Please fix anything within me so I can be a vessel to carry out your work. In Jesus name, Amen!

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I needed that today......thanks.