Monday, December 01, 2008

Never a dull moment!

I try to keep up with the blog the best I can, but honestly we've been crazy busy so my posts tend to get more and more spaced out! I thought I'd catch you all up with pictures...that's more fun anyway, isn't it?

This pic was taken by Dear Daughter #2 . We were talking about the big girls and if they still remembered how to braid hair (that's all they did in the orphanage to pass the time). We joked that they'll forget and not remember how to braid anymore and that they only have 'American' hair now. She said she would show me that she could still braid hair... little did she know that white hair doesn't braid the same as 'ethnic' hair. I kept telling her to get it wet and that would help....nope, she had to try it her way first. After a frustrating 10 minutes, she went and got some water. She was able to do 2 corn-rows on each side of my head... SUCCESS!!

It's that time of year again...the raking of the leaves. If I had to guess, I would say our yard is between 1 1/2-2 acres big. So, needless to say there's lots of leaves. DD#1 was so cold this day that she thought her robe would warm her up better than her winter jacket. She looked so crazy we had to take a picture...what you can't see are her slippers, garden gloves & my grandpa's old winter hat (that has flaps that come down and cover her ears!).

Our Dear Son (#3) just got glasses about a week and a half ago. Hubby got his at 5 years old so our crazy boy is right on schedule at 6 years old... this is a self photo of him making a crazy-boy face.

On weekend mornings, this is how I typically find Hubby as I crawl out of bed in search of coffee. He is usually piled up with some of the kids watching cartoons. Here they are in our 'toy room' watching a movie...3 of the girls and daddy.

Here's Angel Baby on Thanksgiving. She was sticking her tongue out as if to say, "There you go mom, how do you like them apples?" hehe

Just one shot of the Thanksgiving table. This year we had it at Hubby's sister's house.

Just 4 of the little ones at the kid's table..

This pic was from our weekend in Branson, here we are at the Dixie Stampede. What an awesome show! We had a great weekend, it was crazy with 14 people total (we had 2 friends and 3 of their kids along). It was a whirlwind but we're so glad we did it!

This is from this morning as I opened up the suitcases. All 3 of my sorting bins are full plus this pile on the floor... oh what a joyous day it will be!


Maury said...

Ahh...looks like my laundry!!! Glad to hear you guys took a family trip!! We have been wanting to go to Branson.

Your boy looks so much like hubby with his glasses!! Like a mini version of him!! And DDS#2 (I think that is the right number)looks like he has grown a lot taller in that family pic. Your hair looks cute in that pic too!

Uncle Bob said...

Little Man looks like a morph between Harry Potter and Popeye!

Anonymous said...

I think you have a typing error, on the top of the page, when you say Living each day striving to make God look Good.

Anonymous said...

I think you have a typing error, on the top of the page, when you say Living each day striving to make God look Good.

Anonymous said...

I finally settle my house. My baby is still tired from the trip. Did you get over with it? Habby looked like more happy to came home.( when I saw him Monday)Today is my baby`s birthday. I went to her school. Did you get your card? I see you saturday!!! It is a bowling time.