Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Festival Day

Our first morning in my hometown (we came for a family reunion). This is the fog that set in over the Christmas Tree Farm. I sat out on the back porch and drank my morning coffee (55 degrees that morning).

Picture of Angel Baby...don't know who took it but I thought it was pretty cute!

Waiting for the parade to start down at my dad's house. My sis was there with her two girls so there were 8 cousins all together that morning.

The 'rival' band from a neighboring town. They do all sorts of cool moves as they play and walk down the street!

The band from my high school- it's looking pretty small this year...

"Mom! I think they're throwing candy out of that car!!!!!"

The candy scramble...

I thought our southern friends would enjoy this pic. It's a 'cheese-head' driving through the parade on a 4 wheeler.

And the parade is always ended with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus... after all, it's called The Christmas Tree Festival!

After the parade we walked around to the various booths to see all the crafts. The kids all found various little treasures to bring home with them. There was lots of family around (this was also our reunion day) so we got in lots of visiting, eating and LAUGHING! Believe it or not the weather was great this year. Most times it's cold and rainy. We escaped the rain and it was pretty warm... thank goodness!!

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