Saturday, January 27, 2007

Human Rights Celebration Benefit

It's been one week since we attended the Human Rights Celebration benefit, in which we were honored. The night started with a lovely potluck dinner & we all ate well! Some good friends of ours also came to support us, we had a nice time talking and eating with them. The service started and it brought attention to many issues throughout the world dealing with Human Rights. There were also prayers and a few songs. The Local/State President told our story, mostly what was published in the paper, and then asked us to step forward.

We were presented with a framed certificate that reads: Church Women United, Inc.- United Nations Office presents its Human Rights Award for your leadership service as a mentor and social activist on human rights and human development, an advocate for peace with justice with no boundaries of political system, country, cultural background or religion. The certificate was then signed by The Local/State President and The National President of Church Women United.

They also gave our children a CD set of Children's Bible songs & stories. There was also a "love offering" taken and we were handed the overflowing offering plate. The people there were so generous and we are so thankful for their donations towards the adoption expenses. The women there offered to have a "clothes" shower for us before the children arrive home. That will also be a tremendous blessing as clothing 4 more children has been weighing on my mind (where does one start?).

We are so thankful and so humbled by this experience. It took hubby & I about 3 days to fully sort through all our emotions. It's during times like these that saying "thank you" just doesn't seem to be enough. We wish we could do more to show our appreciation, but thank you is all we have. We thank God that He has brought all these generous & loving people into our lives to support us and stand beside us!

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Anonymous said...

I think that is so cool! My mom called me today to tell me it was in the paper, we will get ours next week, I can't wait to read it!