Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Pics

"Maybe if I don't look at dad I can fall asleep. Sorry dad, you're just not the same as mom...."

3 of the kids fishing at the Family Fall Fun day with the families from our homeschool co-op.

"I want to stand on the other side of the lake- away from everyone else." *This was moments before he caught the first fish of the afternoon!

Dad and Princess....need I say more? How precious!

Last night was testing night for the younger boys at karate. This is DS#2 during testing.

Here's DS#3 during testing.

DD#2 tested last week with the older class (Hubby too). Here she is getting her new belt!

Here's Hubby getting his new belt....I'm so proud of everyone!

Hubby's goal is to skip the next belt all together (I don't even know if that's possible) and go straight to a camo belt. He said he wants to do this so he can spar! Yea... that's typical from him. "Let me get to a higher level so I can fight!" HA!

We were surprised because the little boys just tested last night. We weren't expecting they would get their new belts in the same night. Here's DS#3 getting his orange belt.

Can you see his excitement?

And last but not's DS#2 getting his orange belt!

"Look how my belt fits..."

The 'crew' after class. Of course Princess had to get in on the picture!


hsmomma5 said...

Love the new look!

I have tried and tried to send you pictures from Saturday but cannot get them to go through. I guess I am going to have to send the one at a time!

Anonymous said...

A ha ha ha They are looking good. Did they catch any fish for supper? This sounds just like arkansas. Baby get better and she went back to school. I do not feel so great...... I can no rest this weekend. God Bless me. and to you all.