Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter #1

We had to improvise with candles...we ended up being 5 short. We used our big number '3' and the 9 remaining single candles. To make up for the 5 missing candles (to make 17 in all), I lovingly placed 5 M&M's on top of her piece of cake. That got some smiles and giggles!

Other people might not know just how loud a family of 10 can be. Big Brother isn't here so we're a little quieter than usual. We were playing our traditional birthday game and it didn't take her long to laugh as we were all 'ganging up' on her. This time, Hubby won on getting DD#1 to laugh first. We've only had 2 kids hold out and not talk during the past year of birthdays...

Here she is in her 'Happy Place' eating her cake under the table. Can you see Princess peaking in the background? I was under there taking pictures of her and everyone was laughing hysterically (including her!). Man, do we have fun with birthdays around here... never a dull moment in our house!

She and Big Brother are tied for the next month or so. How is it I ended up with two 17 year olds?? December will be our whirlwind month with 3 birthdays, Christmas and a trip to Wisconsin!

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