Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lesson Learned!

This last week I learned a very valuable lesson- PATIENCE! While I've been working on acquiring this skill for many years, it became very real for me this week. We've been cleaning up the yard and getting ready for summer- cleaning sticks, removing leaves, planting, etc. Hubby cut some of the trees on our land in the fall and there were some LARGE limbs hanging out by the side of our shop- the precise area I want to put the new goat pen. Well, I'd been looking out the window for a long time....watching that area and I got sick of waiting. The yard has been exceptionally wet from lots and lots of rain. It's like walking on a sponge out there...lots of standing water in low lying areas. My thought process was that it would be a good time to start pounding the stakes in for the new fence. Easier to pound stakes while it's wet than when the ground is rock hard...right?

So, the kids and I ventured outside to start cleaning up that area. I put Angel Baby in the stroller and put on my garden (work) gloves. I was full of energy and was going to do the job myself- NO MORE WAITING ON MY HUSBAND TO DO IT!

I started to gather the large limbs, pulling them out of the mud and piling them up. I got the 4 wheeler and used the cable/winch to cinch them up and then dragged them away. I did that with 3 large loads and I was feeling good about myself. The kids helped pick up the little sticks and gathered them all in the wheel barrow. I looked over at the edge of the shop at an old machine tire (it's big like a tractor tire) that daily makes itself known and sticks out like a sore thumb.

I walked over there and saw some old wire that was laying around by the tire. I bent down and picked it up with the intention of dragging it behind the shop until hubby could tell me what he wanted with it. No harm in cleaning up a little, right? We don't need clutter out for everyone to see...atleast it could be hidden until disposed of, right? Atleast I wouldn't see it anymore....

I began to pull it and then met resistance. I thought it was just caught around that old tire so I yanked it with all I was worth- sure that it would pull free of whatever was holding it. Just about the time I yanked, I got a sharp pain in my back that about sent me to my knees. The wire was stuck underneath the tire and wasn't moving....neither was I at that point.

I gathered the kids and pushed Angel Baby back to the house. I laid the two littles down for their naps and then laid myself on the couch. I reflected on the moment and how 'not' smart that was- all the while being in extreme pain. I realized it wasn't so bad to wait on my husband because he's a lot stronger than I am and won't injure himself trying to pick up heavy things..... a lesson in pride and patience, all at once!

Hubby came home and I told him what I did. He smirked at me and then headed out to that spot, cut up part of the old tree lying there and hauled everything away. That spot is now 'fence' ready... that first day I couldn't even stand up straight or hold Angel Baby. It took 4 days for the spasms to stop and for me to stop yelling out in pain everytime I moved. Hmmmm- did I get the point? Oh yes...I got it...


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

poor thing. i do stuff like that all the time. i have no patience with waiting on my husband when i want something done.

Maury said...

Sometimes it is so hard to be patient when waiting on someone else to do something. BUT...I he went and finished that day and got it done didn't he? Sorry you had to hurt your back!