Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home again- Home again- Jiggity Jig!

We've been home for5 days now and I'm still drowning in laundry and the business of unpacking. The kiddos asked me which I liked better, packing or unpacking. Packing for sure! It's much more fun and a lot less messy! We came home with so much more than we brought- thank goodness my mom-in-law came this past weekend and brought the over flow. I still don't have a final count on the total amount of applesauce (and apple pie filling) we canned, but it was A LOT! We were so blessed to get tons of apples and everyone was so happy to share and bring me bags (or bushels!). My dad found me 1/2 gallon canning jars- we filled 18 of those and lots more quart jars besides.

One cousin brought me tons of veges from her garden and fresh eggs, another cousin brought frozen and packaged foods as well as 4 zucchini and a pumpkin for each child to carve. One of my aunts brought us dessert treats and coffee cake- she also brought the kids little treats when she came to visit. The kids had a blast seeing all the grandmas and grandpas and getting to know my hometown (as well as visiting the library- just down the hill). We had such a great time visiting our old church and re-connecting with friends there. I even attended a weekend seminar there while grandma and grandpa watched all the kiddos. We had to go out and buy some warmer clothes because the weather got colder than I anticipated. I found a great consignment shop and when she saw me come in with all the kids- she gave me 1/2 off everything we got. What huge blessings we received during our visit!

I've been trying to download pics of our trip and even a birthday from the beginning of September! Of course our internet isn't cooperating because we have such icky weather. I joked with Hubby that when he keeps checking NOAA for the weather- he should send them an email and request their name be changed to 'NOAH.' A friend of mine asked on Facebook where anyone could find a good price on gopher wood.... hehe! Family and friends, up north, are enjoying lots of snow. Good thing we're not there now because we really would have been unprepared with the clothes we had! They would have needed full snow garb to play outside in all the pretty, white stuff!

I'll get pics up here soon- you'll have lots to look at when I finally do!

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