Sunday, March 14, 2010

Could it be?

I guess I'd forgotten how springtime 'felt' here in the Frozen Tundra. Today it hit me...the memories came flooding back. We so got lucky this winter, or maybe God had mercy on us, it was pretty mild- not too unbearable. With our two trips up here the end of September and then the end of November, we got a taste of fall before the snow hit. When we arrived with the moving trucks before Christmas, we were met with snow and sub zero temps.

As we were driving to the farm to spend the afternoon with my in-laws, I really noticed that spring is just around the corner. We can almost touch it...

The frost is just about out of the ground, this may be one of the shortest 'break ups' in a long time. We can see a change in our own yard- the snow is gone and the mud went from extra squishy to almost dry overnight. Sign #1.

We are in my great grandparents house, my family's homestead house, if you will. The basement has been wet and nasty for two days. This morning we went down there and it was completely dry. Sign #2.

While driving down a side road to get to the farm we saw 3 people out for a leisurely stroll. We saw families out in their yards doing the usual spring-clean-up (one girl in a tshirt). Sign #3.

It was 52 degrees before noon. Sign #4.

The sun was out! And it held some serious heat. Sign #5.

That certain smell. Different than Arkansas... that familiar smell of spring here in this place. Sign #6.

As I looked around at the trees and the little bit of snow still in the woods, I couldn't help but think, "Almost, guys...we're almost there...just a little while longer." Isn't that what we think as Christians too? Almost guys...we're almost there...He'll be here soon...just a little while longer...

Spring brings new life. Spring brings fresh hope, new beginnings and a breath of clean/fresh air! Spring puts a skip in our step. Spring brings sunshine. Just like Jesus.

My aunt told me awhile back that the longer we're here, the more memories will come flooding back. She's right. We've been here just about 3 months now and the random memories are just crazy! A road we take to go somewhere, a certain corner, a familiar treeline, a smell, or just seeing someone from WAY BACK!

The other week I had a memory about my grandma and her 'slick bottom boots' that she had to wear every winter. She even had these metal gripper things that she would slide over the toe of her boot that was supposed to help with traction. I laughed so hard about that memory! What made me think about it? Who knows. I followed my aunt around in the grocery store that same week, pushing her cart for her as she filled it with groceries. Just walking behind her, watching her mannerisms...made me cry. I so missed her. I'm so happy to be here and to be back in this place that I call home. All the old memories and the new ones we're gonna make, they're all so precious.

I'm a big people watcher. I like to watch people and how they interact with each other and with their families. I noticed a few years ago, on a trip home, that the closer I got the more 'ordinary' the people looked. Just like me. Do you think that about your hometown? Do you think you 'look' like those people? Do you think like the people in your hometown? I think there's a certain way about people, a certain familiar-ness about people who live together in certain communities. Maybe it's the way of life in that region. Maybe it's a difference in culture and/or the heritage of the people living there. My Hubby is a big, tall, blond headed Scandinavian. I didn't see anyone that 'looked' like us when we were in Arkansas. So, when we returned home there was a certain comfort in blending in with like minded folks. And a certain comfort seeing old friends. And of course, the comfort of being surrounded by lots and lots of family.

So, with all of that, I'm waiting on spring. I'm waiting to get my hands dirty in the backyard garden. I'm waiting to see my kids playing outside with all of their happy, carefree smiles. I'm happy for our fresh start, our new beginning. And I praise God for that.


Jodi said...

Waiting on Spring too, although I think it's kind of here this week. :) Hope you get yours too!

I agree, the people here all have different "look" than people did in "Arkansas". Where do I fit in? I haven't quite figured that out yet. I think it has a lot to do with heritage and nationality too, there are more Italians and Irish here, and I think that's why people sort of have the same look here, if that makes any sense!

beka said...

I'm your new follower. :)
Looking forward to the posts you said you're putting back up! :)
Lovely talking to you earlier--hope the kids feel better soon. :)