Friday, March 26, 2010

Inspired by BREAD!

Moving just takes a lot out of a person, doesn't it? Whew...we've been here for 3 months now and it's like the whirlwind is finally slowing down- just a little...

We moved just before Christmas, then celebrated Christmas, celebrated New Years, unpacked more boxes, restarted school for the kiddos (we have 5 at home this year doing school plus Angel Baby), I traveled back to AR for a few days to tend to some business issues, Hubby started his new job (he's gone all week), I started painting the house (starting in the kitchen), we celebrated Valentines Day, I continued to unpack boxes, paint some more and decorate a little. Then St. Patty's Day rolled around and Hubby and I flew to AR overnight to finalize all the business stuff. Hubby went to work, there was more schooling for the kiddos, more unpacking and organizing, lots of playing outside (because all the snow melted!) and lots of laundry!

This house is quite a bit smaller than our house in AR so it's been a challenge finding homes for the things we need. We're blessed to have a basement and garage that we're using to store the things we haven't found room for (and didn't have the heart to get rid of). We've moved quite a bit in our 12 years together and I think this was our most challenging yet (probably because of the 6 children, 6 animals and pack-up-to-leave-in-5-days issue).

It's felt like more of survival mode the last few months, just trying to get things back to normal and find our 'new normal.' The kids have struggled a little with not being able to be outside every day. We've had to adjust to the cold weather and all the snow (even though it was a mild winter here). Slow but sure I've felt some ambition and inspiration creeping back in. Being that I'm a type A personality, I always think about what needs to be done so I use that ambition/inspiration on the 'things' needing attention. I have a HUGE list of things I would like to do (fun things) but I always put them off.

A friend of mine brought this (cook)book to my attention yesterday when I said I was gonna make bread. I looked it up and watched the little video on Amazon.

I was blown away at two things: the 'container' method which keeps dough in the fridge for up to two weeks, and the 'freestyle' shaping method. I guess I realize these things are obviously possible but why am I not doing it? I love the idea of grabbing a hunk of dough, forming it and throwing it in the oven to be ready for mealtime. We eat a lot of bread and sometimes I am so rushed to get dinner on the table (or breakfast/lunch), carving out a 2 hour time slot to get our 5 loaves done at once seems impossible.

So, I am inspired by bread today! I'm inspired to dig out my ingredients and start creating some doughy-goodness! We've got 2 sick little ones this weekend so maybe the smell/taste of good ole homemade bread will aid in their recovery.

I'm hoping my ambition/inspiration carries over enough that I can get the bathroom painted this weekend! :)

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