Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting back on track

Have you ever gotten knocked off track of your daily routine(s)? How long has it taken you to get your groove back? Man'd think something majorly catastrophic has happened around here! I guess I can and should laugh...I can't even keep up with myself!

Spring has sprung around here and there's lots of baby buds on the trees. We went out looking for cattails and pussy willows this weekend...not quite yet. Hubby looked for all the trampoline parts in the garage but that was a no-go as well. There's one load of outside stuff still in AR so I guess that's where the missing parts must be. The bikes are there, our grill is there, our chicken coop and lots more stuff we're starting to miss. Hopefully we can get it soon...

The kids are having a tough time staying focused on school. Having nice weather outside makes it hard to concentrate. We used to take school outside on the trampoline when we were in AR....we're looking forward to that here! I had 3 of our 6 kiddos at the eye doctor today. One got new glasses, one will need glasses in the near future and one has 20/20 vision. Our next adventure (with 5 of the 6) will be the dentist. I already know we'll be starting 2 in braces very soon. Anyone care to donate towards a 'healthy smile' cause? :)

Praise God we've got Grandmas and Grandpas here to help and babysit. It's exhausting doing all this running to appointments. I can't imagine bringing everyone along. We'd be a sight!

My desktop is on it's last legs- I've been trying to download Easter pics of the kids for all you to peruse. I've been able to get them on there (I think), now if I can fight my way online and download them...I'm still using my pitiful netbook- the one that has the black-spider-web cracked screen. I can see about half of what I'm writing...

Did you all have a glorious Easter? We had fun and we were blessed to spend it with lots of family! Hopefully there will be pictures to follow very soon!

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