Friday, March 04, 2011


Has it been a month already? I bet you thought I'd forgotten about you all- nope, not so! I'm beginning to think it may be MANY years before things slow down...

As of late January I went back to school to complete my bachelors degree in nursing. Just a handful of classes left until graduation! :) So, I now school the kiddos by day and then try and study and do classwork at night and on weekends. My original thought of doing it in my spare time has proven futile. I guess I don't have much spare time- who would have 'thunk' it? School and every day life stuff has kept me hopping- I'm very much looking forward to spring break to catch up on little projects around here and to breathe a little! Before we know it the snow will be melted and I'll be planting the garden again (can't wait for that!). We're all ready to get out of this house and enjoy the outdoors again!

This past weekend we took a road trip to my sis & bro-in-laws new house. We celebrated her birthday along with our Mama who also came for the weekend. Here's a few silly pics of our time together:

Me & my baby (one of them anyway!)

Mama rockin out Honky-Tonk Style!

A mean game of cribbage between the boys!

Jelly face!
~Sweet Princess~

Hangin in the kitchen...

Bday girl....'You talkin to me?'

Just 5 of the cousins...a good time was had by all!

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Mandy said...

How did I not know you blogged?! Love all of the pics! Wow your kids are getting so grown!