Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

This might not look like more than a bunch of gnarly branches to you- but I see something very exciting just around the corner! Some tiny, baby buds just starting to turn a yellowish-green. It won't be long and these buds will explode into beautiful and fragrant lilac flowers. I can't wait, this bush is right next to our back porch- the flowers smell SO yummy!

I'm so proud to announce my 30 baby garlic cloves made it through the winter. They starting shooting up out of the dirt even before all the snow was gone! I kept watching them hoping they'd make it after that second (2 ft) snowfall. I'm so excited to see what's under that dirt- to see if I'll get a good harvest...it's amazing to me that after such a harsh winter, life waits patiently until it's safe to jump forward and say, "I'm here!!!" Hello spring, nice to see you again!

1 comment:

Beka said...

our garlic is sprouting up! beautiful green:)

ahhh i love our lilac bush. it's in the far corner of the yard though. but shoot, it's gorgeous and smells amazing!!