Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our decision...

After much prayer and discussion, Hubby and I have decided to do an international adoption from Liberia. After our decision was made, I contacted the woman from the seminar and asked for her help to start the process. Our first step is to have the homestudy completed. We have a call in to a local adoption agency who can help us with that.

For us, it is a monumental move to step out in faith that the money can be raised for these children. We have some fundraising ideas and are starting to get things together to put these ideas in motion. I'm gathering information and recipes to start writing a cookbook as part of our fundraising. There are so many things we could do, it's hard to choose what would work for our family. You all know I love to cook~ a cookbook only seems fitting... :)

We thought we would ask for a younger boy (around Kaleb's age). When 'the woman' spoke at the Above Rubies conference, she really made a case for the older children as well. She explained to us that Liberia has a 90-95% unemployment rate. If these "young adults" could even find employment, meeting their basic needs would still be difficult. Imagine being a young adult(age 16 in Liberia) and on your own in a country that is in extreme poverty. Not a pretty thought. When I was 16 years old, I was worried about what to wear to school, getting my driver's license and what the latest hair style was. I was fed, had water and I had a roof over my head (and many other luxuries). This is not the case for the majority of Liberians.

We've been in contact with a particular group of people helping us and have chosen our children. I hope to attach pictures of them in the next post. Most children, once adopted, are given new names. This is something we will have to think about.
I'll post more later with their pictures. Have a great day!

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