Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Home Study

Boy, was that an ordeal! I had a few calls in to adoption agencies to ask if they could do a home study for us and how much it would cost. Out of 6 places (in the whole state!), only 2 would do our "independent" home study. I learned so much about Arkansas law and how things work when you don't work with an international adoption agency who is certified to do their own home studies. We need an "independent" home study since we're not going through an agency, the rules are quite a bit different.

We've had some pledges come in during the last few days, once the money arrives we can start paying the required fees and turn in our paperwork. Thank you to those who have pledged money thus far! If we can't get the dossier together by the trip in September, we can send it via DHL to Africa when we are ready and have the funds.

After the dossier is received in Africa, the documents start to be processed and when everything is completed, the children are legally ours! It is after this point that we can communicate with our kids! Some people call the orphanage and speak directly to their children. What a day that will be! We are so excited to be traveling down this road and so blessed to hold these Liberian children in our hearts.

In this short time, Hubby and I are starting to see the fruit of having humble hearts. People have been so generous with their kind words and encouragement. Thank you to those of you who have encouraged us!

Please continue to pray for our family and for our Liberian children.
Have a wonderful day!

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