Wednesday, June 07, 2006


My sister arrived from Minnesota yesterday, what fun we've been having! It's been just about a year since we've seen each other-we've decided we're starting to look old. I guess sisters can say that to each other! :)

We've been busy with children during the days and having fun with "sister-talk" during the nights. Tomorrow we start the big "African mural" project. Our spare room will now become the toy/activity room for all the kids and I had the great idea of painting a mural for our Liberian children. Of course, there was one problem-I don't draw...or paint murals! But guess who does?? Sissy to the rescue...

My sister and her husband came up with the great idea to paint the continent of Africa in black (to look like a silhouette) and then the sunset behind. Along the borders of the continent will be a courageous lion, cute looking zebra and a huge elephant. The black paint will be chalkboard paint so we can write on "Africa." We'll mark Liberia and then write the children's names also within the mural. Sound ambitious? Probably, with 4 children running around the house while we attempt to do this. We'll have fun though-even if we are sleep deprived! :)

We want to start the home study process soon. I have a few more phone calls to make.

I've also purchased some beads to make key chains, necklaces, etc. for fundraising purposes. Sister and I have started putting together some key chains (see picture above) during our nightly sister-chatty-time. If you'd be interested in purchasing any of these items for a donation, please contact me:

I received my first order of Red Palm Oil. Today we made the smoothy recipe-YUMMY! Tomorrow I hope to make rice with dinner so we will try it on the rice. I'll let you know the results. For now, I must bid farewell. Sweet baby is calling me...

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Rene Teater said...

Thanks for the post.
Wow! Talk about brain work. Those questions are something else!! I know you all will do well. My growing up years were so chaotic, and I parent nothing like I was parented. It's interesting that so many of the questions have to do with your own childhood. Hmmm!I wonder what role that plays in the process.