Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ribs or Rice?

Tonight we had a special dinner and celebrated Memorial Day. As we sat at the dinner table and enjoyed our BBQ ribs (hot off the grill!), mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, homemade bread and full glasses of ice cold milk- we remembered our children in the Liberian orphanage. We are told that for breakfast they eat plain white rice, for lunch they eat a plate of rice with maybe a "vegetable"(usually mashed greens), and for dinner they get a "donut" (actually a fried piece of dough). How much do we eat every day? How many snacks do we indulge ourselves to? How many times do we indulge our children to icecream treats or other unnecessary foods? Our Liberian children are greatful for the food they receive each day. To them, they are not starving. They have food in their stomachs. They are growing and are healthy. Children who do not live in the orphanages are dying every day because they have no food or water. Thank you, God, for our blessings and our great fortunes.

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