Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The trimming of the trees

Today I am grateful for:
~a husband who (after 2 years of talking about it) tends to the manicuring of our beautiful yard
~the laughter and joy this invokes in me as he looks at me and says, "What have I gotten myself into?"
~that God has given me a 'rough & tumble' boy who loves being with his father, learning to do 'man stuff.'
~the heart of my son who picks one leaf from every brush pile and announces that these are special leaves, just for his 'brothers and sisters from Africa.'
~that God has given me 2 children with sky-blue eyes (even though mine are the dominant brown). Eyes to remind me of my husband and eyes that remind me of my grandparents.
~the privelege to stay home, love & educate our children.

I came across this checklist for 'homeschool' moms, whether we homeschool or not, I believe this is a comprehensive list to look at in terms of raising our children. I am adding this list to my prayer pages for our children!


1. Do I take the time to cultivate a reverent, fervent, joyful heart and home life?
2. Do I work hard to provide spiritual leadership through good example and teaching?
3. Do I require my children to show proper respect toward both parents?
4. Do I keep my children busy doing good things?
5. In my pursuit to teach my children independent living and learning, do I patiently exhort those who refuse to work, encourage those who lack confidence, and help those who truly need direct assistance?
6. Do I seek to be a peacemaker by encouraging kindness and prohibiting revenge?
7. Do I give thanks in all circumstances, knowing God will bring good from them?
8. Do I eliminate influences and activities which are not the best for my family?
9. Do I teach my children to discern good from evil and to seek God's will for their own lives?
10. When I see God's Spirit beginning to work in my child, do I avoid squelching this progress with my own impatience and perfectionism?
11. Do I pray earnestly and continually for my children?


Anonymous said...

Come on, Trav!!!! You're from a logging family-that should be child's work to you! ;)

Thanks for the checklist, Becky, I read it several times, very carefully. Although I won't be homeschooling, per se, there are some things on there that I need to work harder on but have never really thought of it. Very, very good points.

Keep us updated on the children!

Love, Tracy

T J said...

OUCH...... I fail at many of these. That's sad isn't it. I have to devote more of my spare time with my kids.