Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wall hanging

I finally finished the wall hanging, nothing fancy~ just simple & beautiful (in my mind!).

I'm still trying to decide what to do on either side, there's enough room to fit something.... but for my over-analytic mind, it has to be just perfect. I'm trying to keep in mind that I will want to add pics of Liberia (from hubby's trip) after he returns home and new pics of our ENTIRE family. I love doing stuff like this, which makes me so happy I finally painted the living room! It's been like Christmas dragging all of our 'old' decorations out. Fun, fun...

Have a good weekend!

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Trixie said...

This is so lovely! I don't know that the hanging needs any further embellishment. Or did you mean on either side of the hanging itself? I think I misunderstood. Can you tell us the story of the hanging?