Monday, June 18, 2007

Self-help & SUCCESS!

For those of you who have been waiting patiently- the toy room is done! 5 hours of work, 2 days and 2 headaches later- I'm completely satisfied with the room. Here are the results:

While going through every toy in this room, I was thinking about how & why we allow our lives to be cluttered. I could have doing so many other things in the 5 hours it took me to overhaul this room! That being said, I ran across this info on decluttering and 'the basics of tossing.' Would you all believe that I used to be a pack-rat? I used to keep EVERYTHING and every piece of paper that might be linked to a memory. I am a pack-rat in recovery, 10 years sober! :) Today I am grateful that my headache is gone and one room in our house is in order!

Have a great week!

The Basics of Tossing:

At times, all of us spend money on items that we don't end up using. Most of us spend a lot of money on these things. For some of us, it is exercise equipment; for others it might be clothes, toys, kitchen gadgets or tools. We keep them because we would feel guilty if we got rid of them. "I mean, Do you know how much that is worth?" or "What if I get rid of it only to discover that I need it?"

Why are you punishing yourself by keeping something that is cluttering your life? Stress is one of the biggest problems that Americans face today and disorganization and clutter are among the biggest causes of stress. If you bought something you don't use, face it. You made a mistake. Don't make an even bigger one by keeping it. Get rid of it and move on. Donate it to someone who can use it and relieve you and your family of the stress of living with it. Learn from your mistakes and try to evaluate better whether you actually need something before you spend money.

If you are saying, "...but that might be worth something", why don't you find out. If you are afraid to lose out on a financial windfall, sell it on Ebay or put it out for a garage sale. If you make big bucks, put it in the bank! If that item doesn't get $5.00 on Ebay, you probably overestimated its value. Toss it!

But what if you get rid of it and later find out that you do need it? Most of us save all sorts of things that we might use one day. Very few of us will ever use more than one thing in twenty that we keep "just in case".

Think about this: If you sell the things that will put money in the bank, give the useful things you don't need to other people or a thrift store and toss the rest, you can't really lose. When you find out later that you needed that extra toolbox, take the money you made selling all the other stuff you never ended up needing and buy it! Almost everyone will be way ahead financially doing this because we will never need most of it. Not only that, but doing this will also eliminate the stress and expense of storing and moving it.

Oh and if it's trash but you feel guilty about separating yourself emotionally from it, just put it in the trash. Don't make the thrift store do it. Say a prayer over it if it makes you feel better and let it go.


K.T. said...

Thats great,wow!!!

Maury Draper said...

Oh, that looks great! It may have taken you a long time, but I know it is a big relief to you! I hope the new system works well for you!

Anonymous said...

Phew! Now you deserve that cup of coffee (reference to your wonderful cookbook)! *giggles*

Kudos to you,

Maury Draper said...

Oh yes, and I am a packrat in recovery too! I guess mine started about the time I had kids...Kids took over, I decided I needed more space for people than for stuff. It has been such a relief to alow myself to get rid of stuff!

Lou Arnold said...

That was great. I am going to have to try that with my little one's room. He has so much stuff.