Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our home

Isn't there a song that talks about "our house?" I would probably embarrass myself if I tried to remember the lyrics- was it an 80's song? Anyway, today I am grateful for our home.

I am grateful that we have a home of our own, in which I can allow my creativity to flow....thus painting the living rooms walls a shade of rust red.

I am grateful for the doors that lock and keep us safe and sound. I'm grateful for my sewing machine and the skills my grandmother taught me that has allowed me to sew lace curtains for those beautiful, strong doors.

I am grateful for more than one bedroom, in which our children have their own beds and a comfortable space to sleep each night.

I am grateful for the animals we have chosen to join our family, who also call this place their home.

I am grateful for the running water and electricity that come into this home- our African children don't know this pleasure, yet.

I am grateful for the way we live our life, because we chose to live this way. There is no one governing the way we speak, the way we worship or the way we raise our children.

I am grateful for a soft pillow and warm blankets to cover me as I dream sweet dreams each night.

All of these things take place in- our home.


Anonymous said...
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K.T. said...

Amen,I think about all of that often.......

Maury Draper said...

you painted your living room rust red?? I bet that looks good...I want to see pictures!

Yes, I am very grateful for all that too...I just got too excited about the red!!