Monday, June 11, 2007


I've been thinking a lot about the conveniences that we have- that our Liberian children don't have. I'm wondering what will be amazing to them- and what will be overwhelming...

Here's the things I have accomplished so far today (by 11am) with running water:
~ran dishwasher
~ ran 3 loads of clothes in the washing machine
~scrubbed kitchen floor
~flushed toilets (many times since 6am)
~watered the chickens/rabbit/dogs/cats *and washed my hands afterwards
~showered & brushed my teeth
~older children brushed their teeth and washed faces
~I cleaned the 1 year old after a breakfast with syrup (you can imagine!!)
~filled my glass with ice & water
~made a pitcher of juice and a pitcher of crystal light
~watered (with the water hose) the wild flowers/herb garden/vegetable garden
~cleaned paint brushes and roller

What have you done today with the convenience of running water? Do you ever think about doing these chores after hauling a bucket of water to your house? What about if you had to walk in 90-100 degree weather for miles to bring that precious water back to your house- would you be so fast to 'waste' water? How many times would you have to re-fill your bucket to accomplish all your chores?

Today I am grateful for:
Running water


kristy said...

yes, running water is quite a luxury to others around the world. we are blessed!!!!! lots to ponder!

oh, and the multitasking cracked me up. i am totally into child restraint. it's the best time to load the dishwasher for sure!

K.T. said...

We take so many things for granted,your children are a great inspiration to us all.

suzanne said...

thank you for bringing awareness into my daily life.

i've prayed hard for you lately.

be encouraged.