Saturday, June 02, 2007

For Dear Son #1

Written on May 30, 2007

Today God showed me a precious piece of your heart. I am blessed to have a front row seat as I watch God direct you on this road called life. As you explained to me all you have been doing, what you have been teaching and how you are approaching every day- I was truly humbled and found myself so proud. I had a moment when the rest of the world disappeared- all I could hear was your voice on the other end of the telephone. I realized that even though you are half-a-world away, we have the extreme privilege to begin building our relationship as mother and son before you even arrive home.

I am so proud of you. I am beaming with joy! You are a precious gem that God has sent our way and I am so overwhelmed with the young man you have already become. I am so overwhelmed that God has given ME the privilege to be your mother and that I can love you until the end of eternity. You are a precious, precious boy and your heart is so pure. I anxiously wait for the day you come home and we can continue growing our relationship here in this place. I am overcome with excitement & anticipation to see what God will do with your precious life here on earth!

I love you my precious son!
Love, Mom


Brandy said...

that brough a HUGE smile, some laughter, and some crocidile tears, too. i can't hardly wait to meet this obvious gem, either. his smile has been such an encouragement to me, already. and that's so funny considering that common sense tells us we should be the one encouraging him....i guess god works much better, much more efficiently than common sense! thank goodness!

Shelley Smith said...

You don't know me, but I feel like I know you somewhat, through your blog. Your love for children and your drive to help others is amazing. You are such a gift to this world!

Best of luck in this endeavour, the world certainly needs more people like you and your family!