Thursday, August 07, 2008

One week & 1/2 of a pound

Here's our little Angel Baby at a week old. She had her well baby check up and gained 1/2 a pound already! She fits in well...even at a week old, she LOVES food!

8 days old, sleeping in the swing.
Hubby and the older girls started Tae-kwondo this week. The little boys had their class first and then everyone else joined in for the next class, the Family Night class. I think it's cute that the little boys are a higher rank than their daddy!

Princess was so upset that she didn't have a uniform. The instructor was so nice and said that if she stopped crying she could have a uniform. Princess immediately stopped and said, "Thank you, maam." I guess she's been listening to the classes when the students answer the instructor with "Yes Maam!" Too cute...


hsmomma5 said...

OH my, Princess has really GROWN this summer!!!

Sugar-n-Spice said...

your 2nd son cracks me up in that white outfit...he's so dark i can barely see him! he's awesome at his karate, too, by the way. LOTS of very natural talent.