Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Oh my goodness...we have been so busy! I don't even know where to start- the days have just been flying by. Our shipment of home school books finally came in today- we've gotten so many hand-me-down books, I just needed to place one order for both kids. I waited to officially start all the subjects until after public school was well on its way. I just couldn't muster up the energy to get in a new routine for the public school kids, take care of a newborn and start a new home school routine. So, tomorrow we will begin ALL the subjects here at home. We've been working on penmanship, reading and math all summer long so those things are going we just need to add in all the rest and make it go smoothly with teaching 3rd grade, kindergarten and keeping a 3 year old busy (oh yea, tending to Angel Baby too).

I finally had enough of the nasty carpet in our sunroom- Hubby and the older girls ripped it out about a week ago. Since then, we've been walking on sticky floors cause the glue is still on the cement. It looks like there used to be a vinyl floor down before the carpet. Some places have old vinyl, some places it's been scraped off and it's just glue on cement. Lovely...

My sweet, dear son is scrubbing the sticky floor for me with Pine Sol. The smell was just overwhelming after pulling that carpet up...makes me wonder why it smelled so bad...YUK!

Here's Princess doing a coloring project while brother was mopping the floor.

Finally, brother got his turn to hold Angel Baby. He usually has to fight his sisters to get a moment to hold her!

I've been working on re-flooring the sunroom and going through pictures to put in albums. I finished one album yesterday of our first 6 months together after the 4 kids came home from Liberia. A friend of mine gave us a Creative Memories album with some cute journal sheets to put along side the pictures. It took me almost a year, but I finally got pictures developed and got them in a book. Now, I just need to order a matching album and get the last few months in order. The kids will be home a year on November 10th- man, did that time go by fast!

We got those self stick vinyl tiles to put on the floor in the sunroom. I figured the room is just a big rectangle so how hard can it really be? SHEESH! I'm about half way now...I think. And why did I buy a pattern with little squares?? That need to line up??? Of course the room isn't square so my flooring project just became harder. This is one of those times in my life when I wish I wasn't so OCD! Oh well, a little at a time and I'll get done eventually. I'll post pictures when it's done. I think I have enough left over paint from other projects to paint the room and all the trim. If I don't need to buy paint, that room will have a makeover with very little money. YEA!

Since Big Brother is gone at the Military Academy, the two oldest girls got their first lesson in mowing the lawn last Saturday. DD#2 was first to run the lawn mower (DD#1 ran the weed eater). The poor girl had a rough go in the back yard...first was the slide to the swing set. The hole she made looks small but how she made it was hilarious! She drove UP THE SLIDE on the riding mower. YUP...I said up the slide.

Then came the plastic kiddie pool. She pinned it between the lawn mower and the big pool. I think the exhaust actually burned this hole in it...thus our second 'lawn mowing' casualty.

After that, Hubby finished the back yard and told her she better take a break. She felt bad but we just had to laugh it off. It isn't every day your daughter drives up a slide...


Yukiko said...

Hi Oh look at princess riding a horse. Congraturation for new baby girl. K is doing a big boy staff. Go boy.

Green Acres said...

Wow, I'm amazed, but then I could picture myself running up the slide too. I'm very good with power tools or the lawnmower either for that matter. Good think you all have a sense of humor about it!