Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day 7- Testimony

You know, I've learned to not always 'expect' the things I want (or think I want) from God. However, He does grant me the desires of my heart and has, many times, answered my prayers/requests in the way I desired. I praise Him for the times He answers the prayers in a way I think they should be answered. I praise Him for the times He answers in a completely different way & I even praise Him for the times I feel He's being quiet. During this 7 day blog 'fast of words' I really just focused on my continued prayers and asked a lot for clarity. I prayed a lot of 'confusing' prayers- I'm sure. More or less, "God, I have no idea what to pray for, no idea what to ask for, the inside of my head is like a tornado and I can't keep a thought straight for a second!' I'm so glad God knows exactly what is going on because I don't!

I'll post a song/video below- I've posted it once before about a year and a half ago. When God spoke to my heart again, through this song, yesterday- it had a completely new meaning! I reacted the same...with tears and absolute obedience (just the same as I had done over a year ago). The outcome will be different this time, though. What that is, I don't know. But none-the-less, I know everything will be ok.

I got a phone call this morning regarding the very thing we've been praying and praying about. We're feeling this was a positive call and are excited about its possibilities. We're just so very blessed that God comes through and makes Himself known to us- and that He did it at the end of my 'blog' fast. He didn't have to make Himself known on my time frame- but He did. Thank you, God.

You are:
Jehovah Tsidkeenu- our righteousness
Jehovah Hossenu- our maker
Jehovah Jireh- our provider
Jehovah Makedishem- our sanctifier
Jehovah Rofa- our healer
Jehovah Rohi- our shepherd
Jehovah Shalom- our peace

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I've had some of those storms. I always enjoy listening to this song.

Take care,