Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sister Love

I grew up with one sister (I'm the big sister), so I've learned how important it is to have that bond with a sibling. While I wasn't the nicest sister when we were growing up, there were still moments we 'loved' each other. I hope that our parents noticed some of those times when we got along especially well and loved on each other more than usual. Those times are extra special- I've also come to find out- to take note of as a parent. I remember, as we got older, we used to have sister days. I had my driver's license then and we would take off with no idea where we were going or what the day had in store for us. We had fun and we always made memories. Those memories stay in my mind and my heart and I'm so happy I had the privilege of growing up with such a cool sister. Now that we're grown-ups, I'm pretty sure she got the 'cool' gene- I just try to keep up with her... **Love you, Sissy!

Today, Dear Daughter #2 has surgery for a small umbilical hernia. I knew it was there since she came home from Africa, but I waited awhile and got the more serious health issues taken care of with all the children. She started complaining it hurt a month ago and I knew it was time to have it fixed. She told me that she doesn't remember NOT having a puffy belly button so her new navel should be extra special to her...

Hubby brought her early this morning and I got there with the other children as she was waiting in the recovery room. I was able to go back there for a few minutes and when she peeked her eyes open she said, "Oh, hi mom." Then she fell back to sleep. The nurses kept looking at me as I was rubbing her hair and talking to her (even though she was asleep). You see, she is my baby and I love her just as if she came from inside of me. There's no difference in my heart. I think people seem confused some times when they see our family- that's ok, I think it's fun to keep them guessing! We've had a few people ask if I'm her foster mom and I proudly answer, "Nope, she's ours forever and ever!"

When she was brought to her regular room, all the kids said a quick hello before we left to come home. Princess wouldn't leave her side and she kept doing things to try and make her sissy laugh. I think Princess was nervous that she was sleeping and wasn't sitting up and talking (as usual). Princess gave DD#2 a little stuffed animal she brought from home and then felt secure enough to leave her Big Sissy there with Hubby. Hubby stayed with her for the next couple of hours as she fully came out of the anesthesia.

Big Sissy was home and in bed by the time Princess woke up from her nap. Princess went straight in her room and hasn't left her side but twice since 3pm. DD#3 was pretty nervous that Big Sissy would be in pain and she couldn't even eat lunch. She had some emotional moments because Big Sissy said her belly was sore. Once Big Sissy sat up in her bed and the 3 girls started to watch a movie together, DD#3 calmed down a little because she could see everything was 'ok.' Big Sissy just ventured down stairs to kiss Angel Baby. I said, "Hi, what are you doing down here? Are you feeling ok?" She said, "I'm fine. I just missed Angel Baby today." She leaned down and kissed the two littlest girls and gave them both hugs. Princess followed Big Sissy upstairs and they are sitting together on the bed watching another movie.

These tender moments are really pulling on my heart strings today because I'm realizing how precious this really is. Our bio kids 'naturally' have a bond, but to see this extra special kind of love is really a miracle in my eyes. A year and a half ago, none of these kids knew each other. Today there are 4 girls that are bonded tighter than glue. I can't help but think of their future and their sister days to come. I'm so excited for them as they grow up and then have families of their own. These bonds will carry through many years and many experiences. I'm so glad to have been a part of this day and to have witnessed this miracle!


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaand, the tears come again!


Anonymous said...

Yeah How wonderful What the God can do. It is amazing that he gave you a eye that you can catch every motion and turn to your joy. I will have a Japanese cooking lesson at the wesley foundation Friday 11:00-1:00. and Here is my fasebook addresshttp://www.facebook.com/
I check and tried to note something regurally. However.... Being Sensei is sometimes needing to think, think, think.... Have a wonderful day. I pray that she feel better soon.

RavenLark Arts said...

Hmmmm.....that's funny. I spent my whole life thinking that you got the cool gene. (:
So great to hear that your little girls are growing so dear to one another. Can't wait for the cousins to spend more time together - hopefully this summer?