Saturday, May 09, 2009

'Mom, I like being a girl'

Dear Daughter #3 was in the car with me yesterday as we drove to check out a newly opened 'second hand' store. I had Princess and Angel Baby with me too, so it was just us girls. We looked around for a few things and then browsed through the 'flea market' items that were up front. Princess picked a pink, sparkly purse, some lip gloss and some plastic bracelets. DD#3 got a 'rhinestone' anklet, lip gloss and a floral print skirt. Pretty much all the kids got one or two things (I really went in there for shorts for the boys!).

On our drive home, DD#3 said to me, "Mom, I like being a girl. We get to wear makeup, dresses and we can have babies. Boys can't do that."

Well said, my dear, well said.

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hsmomma5 said...

Okay, tell me where this new store is at!!!