Thursday, May 07, 2009

I love technology!

Well, this is partly true and partly sarcastic. You see, this is the first time in about 3 or 4 days (I can't even remember!) that I've been able to use our satellite internet on our home computer. Praise the Lord we were able to spring for a cheap laptop a few months ago and categorize it as a 'business expense.' I've been able to transfer some things over to the laptop and bring it with me to church/ school and download things. When the weather gets anything but perfect, our satellite internet is VERY slow or doesn't even work at all!

I got an iPhone about two years ago and after a few months of using it, I put it in the drawer. Now, mind you this is the 'old' iPhone- not the cool and super powerful 3G iPhone... We didn't have wireless internet at home then and had zero reception out here so the phone was basically useless for a lot of the fun stuff. I got so frustrated with it, I put it in the drawer until about a week ago.

I've been hearing about, looking at and dreaming about all the different 'apps' I could be using. I have a Facebook account and knew I could be linking my messages/status with my phone and it just bothered me that I couldn't do any of that (and I WANTED to!). Hubby told me that he thought a new tower went up near us for AT&T. That was all I needed to hear to drag that old iPhone out of the drawer and do some number crunching to see if we could afford to activate it. I talked to the AT&T people and found the cheapest plan (and data plan) possible so our cellphone payments wouldn't go up hardly at all.

I switched my service over to AT&T and did all the messy business of moving my number over, etc. I had an account there before so old stuff needed to merge with the new stuff, etc. I got it all done, found some cool 'apps,' downloaded them to my iTunes (which took forever on our slow satellite) change in my phone....WHAT??? Then the bad weather hit so I had zero way to download anything or try to fix my phone (which I had wiped out in hopes to restore with new information).

It ate away at me...I tried to ignore it...I tried to 'make' the home computer ate away at me some more. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Technology is supposed to help people, not make them want to tear their hair out!

Long story short, after our power was out for 8 hours and all the schools were closed because a tornado went through our town- I packed up the kids (and my laptop) and went to our church. The kids played upstairs in their rec room and I used the wi-fi. PRAISE THE LORD- I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to do (in a short amount of time)! Although, now I want to move because the internet is SO fast with high speed service. Too bad I can't live in the country, in the middle of the city.

I suppose there's just some things I'll have to learn to deal with, maybe. **And if you see me carrying my laptop around- everywhere I go, you know why...

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