Sunday, June 14, 2009

I wish I had pictures! I wish I had pictures for you- but I don't. Tonight was so funny, hopefully the story alone will make you laugh.

We were all sitting around the dinner table, just finishing up when I thought, "I should do something completely random." I looked out the window at our pool and ever so calmly stood up and walked outside. Everyone just sat there chewing their food, wondering what it was I was going outside for. As I approached the pool ladder (still wearing clothes- no swim suit on!) I started to hear squeals from inside. I climbed up the ladder and then cannon balled into the pool.

By the time I came up and wiped the water from my eyes, just about every child was out the door and fighting to climb up the pool ladder. *Some kids were still chewing their last bite of food! They were all laughing and screaming- they couldn't believe I just jumped in the pool with my clothes on. So, they all followed suit (including Hubby)and jumped in the pool in their clothes.

I swam awhile and then got out to take care of Angel Baby- we played in the wading pool for awhile. I came in the house, dried off and rocked Angel Baby to sleep. Hubby and the kids are still out there swimming, laughing and screaming like crazy!

All because mom got a crazy idea- yea, I guess sometimes I'm just cool like that! hehe

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