Friday, June 05, 2009

An update- with pictures!

This day was so cute! Angel Baby became fond of this 'old' Barbie that sings "I love you the way you are and that will never change." The older girls played it over and over and on this day, she fell asleep to the Barbie singing!

All 4 tested for their new belts! I'm so proud of them- 3 have camo belts now and our 6 year old has a yellow belt with black stripe (that allows him to help out in his class).

After the home school conference, I gave the boys these 'Armor of God' play sets. They love them! It's great how they're learning about the sword of truth, breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation, etc!

This was at Dear Daughter #2's Victory Ceremony at the completion of her school year. She received many awards for the year. Pictured with her is her teacher (and also the headmaster of the school as well as my good friend!).

Dear Daughter #2 with some of her girl friends from the school.

"Hey dad, what cha doin?"

"Mom, take my picture. I know it's not my birthday party but I can smile pretty. See???"

"Move over boys, dad is gonna show you how this racecar game is really played!"

Air hockey at the bowling alley (where Dear Daughter #2 wanted her 16th birthday party).

With some friends and little sister...

Awe- mommy and daddy love each other! But what's so funny?

The whole gang at the birthday party- it was hilarious watching them all bowl!

Blowin out her 16 candles...

Sisters love each other!

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