Monday, June 01, 2009

Too early

This morning has started all too quickly! It's just a few minutes before 8am and the kids are in full swing for the day. Hubby just called to check in on us to see how everyone is doing, I told him, "You're gonna have to pray for me. I think I may have to start getting up at 5am just to drink a cup of coffee and wake up!"

Princess woke up at 6:30 this morning and was disoriented when she walked into our bathroom. We need to replace the wax seal on our toilet in there so Hubby moved the toilet last night off of the old seal. It stared to leak and our wood floor is a little wet there so we need to wait until that dries to replace the toilet. She stood there for the longest time in absolute confusion, looking at the toilet. I tried to get her to be quiet because Angel Baby was sleeping in our bed....I ushered Princess out of the room and got her to the living room and turned some cartoons on.

"Mama, get my juice cup. Mama, I want Max and Ruby on. Mama, get my juice." I said, 'How about Mom, PLEASE may I have a juice cup? Mom can you please find me Max and Ruby?' She said, 'Yea Mom.'

So, I found an alternate show because Max and Ruby wasn't on (how dare them?)- it was the Little Mermaid...Praise the Lord! It would have been a show down if we would have had to watch something like Sesame Street or Franklin...why did she have to wake up so early anyway? She'll probably be a whining-machine until nap this afternoon. No coffee in my system yet, I could barely form thoughts at that point.

Angel Baby woke up. I nursed her and brought her upstairs to her crib and laid her down. I heard the bathroom door slam upstairs. I thought to myself, "By the end of the summer, I wonder how many doors I will have pulled down off the hinges?" I wonder who got woke up from that door slam? Angel baby stayed sleeping.... why can't certain children get the point not to slam doors?? I won't name names but it's the two who weren't taught consideration for others (and who are still learning). Still can't form many thoughts (other than the thought of no doors in the upstairs- only shower curtains hanging from every door frame).

I came downstairs and saw the 3 'middles' awake. I then knew who was the door-slamming culprit that woke up the other two... I'm trying to formulate a plan for the rest of the summer to get 'the culprit' out of the bedroom and downstairs to allow the other children to get their needed rest. In the past I've woken him up 10 minutes before he usually wakes up and ushered him down the stairs. I can then close the bedroom doors (quietly!) behind me and the 'noise-maker' is contained and can use the bathroom and wake up down here - where nobody will hear the slamming of doors...

Moving on-

I've tried to have the kids wait until 8am to eat breakfast. This usually gives me some time to formulate a plan or to cook something (if I planned previously). This morning I was bombarded at about 7:30. Still no I having thoughts at this point?? Some...I was thinking that I can't believe I'm going to have to 'plan' out mornings. Does this happen to other people? Maybe it's not so bad with just a few kiddos...maybe they're working in numbers....

Because of my lack of planning and my lack of awak-ed-ness (is that a word?) and my lack of coffee- I grabbed the couple of cereal boxes I keep on hand for 'breakfast emergencies.' I try not to serve cereal- it's not healthy- it's too expensive- and we can't afford the milk in all the bowls (even if all the kids drink it afterwards). I let them pick what cereal they wanted (Wheaties or Cheerios) and then poured them all a cup of juice (4 oz. to be exact- in matching cups so nobody could fight!). Coffee was brewing....

Princess came back into the kitchen with her bowl. "Mom, I don't like this one." I said, "Fine, I'll eat it. Come get a new bowl." I poured my coffee....

The two boys said, "Mom, can I have another bowl of cereal?" They asked again after the second bowl. I was thinking, "This is why I don't serve cereal. They have to eat a lot and don't get filled up anyway. They'll be starving in an hour...." $$$$$$$$ down the drain.....I will plan better tomorrow!

Drinking coffee....quickly....

"Mom, the baby stinks. You need to change her diaper again!" Oh diaper needed, badly.

"Everyone, when you are finished eating- please go and get your clothes, do your morning chores and head outside to do the animal chores."

They all go upstairs to get started...I should have known better- the fighting began... "Quit telling me what to do- I know how to make my bed (out of the boys room). "Hey, turn the light on, I can't see (screeched by Princess).

Cat on the table drinking milk out of the cereal bowl left there by Princess..... $$$$$$ down the drain and also into kitty's belly...

Big sissy wakes up and is reading her bible in bed.

"Mom, can we go swimming?" No, the pool isn't even done filling, I found 2 MORE holes and it's freezing!!!!!

"Oh, man! We want to go swimming- can we put the ladder in? Why didn't dad get the ladder out yesterday? Can we go swimming? Where are the other goggles?"

3/4 cup of coffee gone...

I went out and got the ladder out of the garage so the kids could clean it up. I was hoping it would take a little bit to keep their minds off the pool. The fighting started up again over the buckets of soap water, the scrub brushes, who was trying to climb the ladder to clean up on top, who was trying to spray off the ladder to rinse it, who was putting the scrub brushes in the toddler pool (bubbles were going everywhere), etc.

They all finished the ladder and moved on to the animal chores. The 3 middles switched into 'team work' mode and got everything done (as well as cleaning the dirty hay from the goat pen and cleaning out the rabbit cage). YEA!

Princess came in because she was hungry -she never ate her cereal (remember the cat?).

I fed Angel Baby and went upstairs to rock her to sleep. She fell asleep immediately and I tried 5 times to lay her in the crib (she kept waking herself up and would immediately start crying). She's trying to cut 4 top teeth at once and she also has a cold. Her schedule and her sleeping is ALL screwed up- I'll be glad when the teeth pop through and her cold is gone! I brought her back downstairs and put her in the stroller for the kids to take her outside.

"Mom, can we go swimming? We got our swimming suits on under our clothes so when you said yes we could just take our clothes off and go in!" "No! The pool still isn't filled up, there's a hole in the top ring that I'm going to have to find and fix and it's FREEZING!" Maybe I should just let them go in- then they'll leave me alone....when their lips are all blue!

The kids head down to the mailbox (even though I know it's too early for the mail to get here but I figured it would give me a couple of minutes). I think I need that second cup of coffee...

Princess comes in wearing her swimming suit armed with goggles and her pink floatie. "Mom, I want to go in the pool....."

I think 'Big Sissy' is the smart one. She ate breakfast when the kids were outside doing the animal chores, now she's back upstairs in the shower and then she's going to clean her room (in silence). She's got this thing figured out....

Kids are back from the mailbox. "Mom, the mail isn't here yet." "Oh, ok. Why don't you take Angel Baby around the loop (our circle driveway) two times and then come back.

"Oh, man! Yes, mom...."

Second cup of coffee poured.

~It's 9:45 now and I'm making a plan for my shower. Well, I was. Princess is now storming towards the house crying and screaming something at the other kids. I'll get there eventually...

So, you know you want to come here for a visit- to see all this in person. I have a friend who's blog is called "Life from the zoo." Maybe I should re-name this blog.... you could just come here and sit in the corner, drinking your coffee, and watch all this unfold right in front of your very eyes (and be thoroughly entertained!). Maybe someone could recommend us for one of those tv shows where a camera follows us around all day (atleast we'd get paid for this insanity!). hehe
Is this entertaining to you? It is to me.....

Thank you, God, that my life is so full and that our house is full! Thank you for the life you've given me, even when it's crazy. Thank you for the memories we're making every day. Thank you for making the coffee bean. Thank you for putting us in a state that allows the to play outside year-round. Thank you for allowing us to buy this house in the country where I don't have to worry about them playing in the yard by themselves. Thank you for my sense of humor. Thank you for the patience you've taught me, and I've learned, over the last 10 years (can you stop teaching me that now?). Thank you for the simple fact that an art project will turn the kids' focus from the swimming pool (even for 15 minutes). Thank you for my baby (even when she won't sleep and she's very cranky). Thank you for putting us in a country where we can home school our children (and I can focus on more character training this summer!) without being persecuted. Thank you for teaching me how to train my children to love and honor you more and more very day. Thank you for my hard working husband. Thank you for my blessed life!

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