Friday, March 30, 2007

Fundraiser tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big "crawfish dinner fundraiser." There have been lots of last minute preparations and lots of people helping us! We're told that the dinner is the 'buzz' around town (and in neighboring towns as well). We didn't have much luck selling tons of tickets, but we have heard many comments like: "We plan on coming, don't really care if we eat crawfish, we just want to meet the family and possibly give a donation." So, sounds like a party if nothing else...

BIG NEWS~~THE COOKBOOKS ARE IN!!!! I'll try to get a picture posted sometime next week of the cover so you can see it. Anyone interested in purchasing an Adoption Blessings & More cookbook, please email me and I'll get you a copy ASAP. We're asking $18 per book and $2 S/H. If you've contacted me in the past and were interested in a cookbook, look for an email in the next few days asking for confirmation. I want to be extra sure before sending out the books to you all. The cookbook has 3 'extra' sections including: baby food recipes, Liberian recipes & breakfasts.

No update this week on the paperwork. The woman we've been corresponding with is out of the office until Tuesday next week. We hope to call & speak with our eldest son Monday morning to check in with him. My in-laws will also be on their way down here on Monday. We hope to see them Tuesday or Wednesday! The kids here are super excited to see grandma & grandpa!

Have a great weekend. Please remember us in your prayers as tomorrow approaches. The dinner will be from 3-6pm (Central time). I'll fill you in on the details after it's all done.

We praise God for the blessings we will receive especially tomorrow and for the people we will speak with.

*Side note- 'grandma' has loaned me an authentic African lappa (skirt) and shirt. I'll be arriving at the dinner in style. I'll post pictures of that as well, next week.

Have a great weekend!

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