Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goat update- our SEXTUPLETS!

Well, we had originally planned on getting 4 baby pigmy goats but Hubby came home with 6 instead. The two extra girls we got are brand new (still with a small piece of remaining umbilical cord attached!). So, our days have been full of 'life stuff' and also working in 6 new babies whom we must bottle feed 4 times per day. Good thing I had a bin of bottles left over from baby#1- none of our babies since then have used them. So, we transformed 6 of our biggest Avent bottles into baby goat bottles. On Monday I went to our local feed store and bought some additional goat milk replacer, another big dish (that will be their feed dish), a big plastic scoop (for our bin of feed) and a 50# bag of goat pellets. We're still working on their big fencing and throwing around some ideas of what will be their shelter.

Hubby was raised on a farm, I however was not. I was pretty much a city girl until middle/highschool. Then we still lived in town but I had more exposure to farms and country living, etc. I have plenty of help though, my 'country know-how' books are coming in quite handy. Now all we need is a barn. Anyone want to come and donate the lumber and build us one?? That would be nice....just another dream for when money is 'no option.' Do you have those dreams?

Anyway, the kids are all enjoying having the baby goats. Even Princess, at 3 years old, is helping to feed them. The two smallest baby goats weren't 'trained' on the bottle so we're having to teach them. They're getting it pretty quickly though. They're all spunky little things! After they've eaten they go running around kicking their back legs in the air. They run behind the kids as they run laps in the driveway- giving the goats their 'exercise.'

So, we've been pleasantly busy. The beginning of our weeks are always crazy busy and it tends to slow down towards the end of the week. So far this week (among school) we've had dance practice, karate practice, and a 4H meeting. WHEW! I'm headed to the grocery store today to stock up for the rest of the week and weekend. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Oh my what is a pretty goats. my co-worker wants to some of goat too. Wa ha ha ha that is a blessing to have such a precious things with you guys. I want to take my baby to see your house to see a goat..... I will see you guys monday. oops we do not have dance class next week.

Maury said...

That is too precious, and looks like so much fun for the kids!

ash said...

makes me miss my goat!!!

go check out my blog...u received an award!!!