Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy 'Half' Birthday~ Angel Baby

This weekend we celebrated Angel Baby's 'half' birthday. She's officially now 6 months old! Wow, how time has flown by! I started celebrating half birthdays with our first born- I don't even remember why...but I thought it was a neat idea. When I look at Angel Baby, I see her growing up before my very eyes. She's getting so big now, no little baby anymore. She's sitting up on her own, eating solid foods and she has her very own personality (a VERY happy personality). She's such a joy to be around and we know without a doubt we are very blessed that God has given this sweet girl to be a part of our family!! We love you Angel girl!

Just hours before she was born...

The day after she was born...

Now look at her!

Below are the lyrics to a song I just love and a poem I ran across about babies/children. I so love being a mama and I love all of my babies with all my heart! My cup overflows...


Tiny fingers hold my own,
Tiny toes and a button nose,
Cherub cheeks flush with sleep,
We cuddle close, this is the most
Wonderful thing to do,
I'm rocking the baby so brand new,
You know your big sister
Will always love you.

I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel in my arms,
So sweet to hold, so soft to kiss,
So heaven sent that I know this,
I have an angel in my arms,
A little angel.

Baby hair like silk to stroke,
Lashes closed we rock to and fro,
A baby sigh from little lips,
A lovely sound I know I've found,
My favorite place to be,
Just the baby and me rocking happily,
I thank God that He gave you
To our family.

My precious child of innocent grace,
You make this world a better place,
Our lives have never been the same
Since the long awaited day you came.

We thought our hearts knew how to love,
But what you've brought is from above,
A special gift that knows no bounds,
The love of a parent for their child.

It's that of a father
With his fierce, loving pride
In this child he created
And his wonder can't hide.

It's that of a mother
And her fierce, gentle love,
So protective she'd die
For this child of her love.

And it's all but a shadow
Of our Father above
Who gave up His Son.
So great was His love.

And so my sweet child
With your quaint little ways,
May God keep you safely
Through the passing days.


Shelley said...

happy 1/2 bday!

Anonymous said...

I follow your adoptive story with such delight! looking into an interracial adoption myself, and you certainly make it seem oh so attainable with His help. Thanks for lifting Him up in your daily life and being a beacon to us all. You all have a great six months celebration!