Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Angel Baby!

Our sweet, precious Angel Baby turned one on the 30th of July. I was so happy- and a little sad too. It seems that after the first birthday, their independence grows by the day. That's a good thing but for a mama who's trying to hold on to her 'baby', it's tough! She's so cute though and we're enjoying every minute with her. She actually started taking a step or two on her birthday. As of today, she can walk about 6 or 8 steps before tipping or falling. Before long she'll be running!

This was my attempt at a carousel-horse cake. My aunt sent me some cake pans a few years ago and we've used some of them for birthdays. This was the first time using this pan- and I was armed with only white frosting, food coloring and some baggies. Not too bad...

Trying to get some dinner in first before the sugar rush!

First bite
Ohhhh, squishy!

This is where the games (and laughing!) began. She decided to try and feed the kids and everyone was hysterical! Of course, the kids began making noises, dancing around and saying, "Feed me, feed me!"

Angel Baby was 'belly-laughing' here-she thought it was great!

The aftermath....all done!

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Mom 2 six said...

Happy Bitrhday !
Yummie looking cake. Good job. I appreciate your support. :)