Saturday, August 22, 2009

The way we live

I was on Facebook this morning and saw that my (second) cousin posted some pics of their home school room. It's a GORGEOUS room- a whole room devoted just to their homeschooling. Then I checked out a friend's blog (fellow homeschooler as well) and she posted about grocery shopping - complete with pictures! That got me thinking more about the way we live and what other people see when they observe us.

Saturday we had another house showing, it was #8. While I sometimes feel it's exhausting, other times I wonder about what people think while they're walking (and looking through) our house. I wonder what they're thinking when they see 'how' we live. I wonder what they are thinking when they count the beds in the children's rooms- 1,2,3,4,5--6!!!

I was at the drive through at the bank last week and the teller commented on how she found my blog and enjoyed reading it. I thanked her and as I drove away, that reminded me that people are always watching us- even when we don't realize it. In this town of over 9,000 people- many people know 'about' our family and recognize us. That's still new to me because sometimes I feel invisible- especially coming from such a small town growing up (population 200). But, as a Christian family, that's something I really want to be aware of in our every day lives- how do we live our every day for Christ? Is it the same inside our 4 walls as it is when we're out in public? Do we encourage other people even in the midst of our trials? Do people see Christ in us? **Please feel free to comment on what you think, either way!

So, the following pics are a walk through of our house. Can you discern anything about the way we live- through a picture? Mind you, we did pick up the floor- no baby toys strewn around. There's usually a sippy cup (or two) laying around, many shoes by the door and Princess usually has a pile (or three) of discarded, changed clothes in random places (she changes her clothes A LOT!). **This is also a good look for anyone in the area wanting to buy an AMAZING HOUSE with 10 acres of (wooded) land.

This is us...

My 'controlled' mess of an office.

The 'dining room.' Only we use it for all this furniture...the dining takes place in a different room.

The Whole Armor of God...this is placed next to our bathroom mirror. It reminds me every day to put on my 'armor.'

I'm in the process of making sourdough bread starter. This is the flour and purified water needed to add to the starter every day...

You know there are lots of girls around when you see-- APRONS!

Our laundry room- complete with the 5 gallon bucket of homemade laundry soap.

One of the MANY school book shelves- complete with sleeping cat.

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