Thursday, August 06, 2009

You know an African when...

You can spot an African anywhere...especially when she is carrying something heavy on her head! This is the day our shipment of National Geographic magazines arrived in the mail (I found 3 years worth on Ebay for around $6 plus shipping!). None of the kids could get it from the mailbox to the house so Big Sissy when down to the mailbox to remedy the situation. I watched her out the window try to carry it in her arms. She didn't make it very far- she was struggling to hold on to the heavy box. Before I knew it, she knelt down and lifted that heavy box right up over her head! She then quickly walked up the driveway with little trouble... **Let me just add that I've tried to carry various things on my head with little success. I have no idea how they can keep their neck from bending under the weight! This is NOT as easy as it looks! I cannot imagine carrying a bucket full of water on my head- like they used to do many times every day!

I was so pleased to find these magazines for such a cheap price. They're in great condition... our school curriculum is an eclectic collection of things I've gathered for each child's specific needs. One of our kiddos is stuggling very much in reading & phonics, another can read ok but struggles in comprehension (as well as with severe ADHD symptoms), another can read anything at lightning speed but hates to work on math, etc. Add a first grader in with that, a preschooler and a one-year-old-get-in-to-everything-baby and I'm gonna be a busy mama!

The main theme in our curriculum this year is exploring countries and cultures. There couldn't be a more perfect subject base for our family! This is one of the reasons I got the National Geographic magazines, as a supplement. The kids were busy for over 2 hours just looking at them the day they arrived and they asked unending questions. I'm so excited they like learning and that they are so open to learn about how other people live and why. It's neat to hear some of the stories that come out about life in Africa (when Big Sissy sees a picture that reminds her of something).

We're so blessed to have everyone at home this year for schooling! This is what I envisioned in the very beginning but we were unable to do. Now that the African kiddos have adjusted and have a relationship with me as 'mom', I can now approach them as 'teacher.' We've had a successful summer doing school and learning so I'm optimistic for the school year! God continues to get all the glory for the success in our blended family- we've become united as if we'd never been apart!

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Maury said...

Look at her, wow! So glad things are going well so you can you can homeschool them all. I bet your oldest girl does have so much to teach and share about her culture!