Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Excellence in Literature--TOS Review


The people over at Everyday Education hit the mark with this one!  What perfect material, especially for our first-born-daughter.  She eats this stuff up...

This material is designed for grades 8-12, but is adaptable for younger grades.  Because our oldest is doing 6-7 grade work (and because she loves reading!), she was able to start this curriculum with no issues at all.  We shortened the assignments some and I was super excited to expose her to some wonderful literature.  And another bonus...this curriculum is also boy-friendly so that even the most reluctant reader(s) and writer(s) are drawn in by the power of the stories!


The author, Janice Campbell says, "The courses are designed to focus in-depth on selected great authors or literary movements, while exploring the context of their life and works with additional reading and writing. This offers opportunity for writing practice in a number of different styles, as well as the opportunity to grow thoroughly familiar with some of the greatest writers and literary works of all time."

Another cool thing is if your child is an auditory or kinesthetic learner, they may benefit from listening
to unabridged versions of the books. Yay!  Audio book versions (I'm thinking long car rides!) are awesome for our family. 

While the material available in this curriculum is geared towards college prep (even with an optional Honors Track) and satisfies requirements for High School English, I am grateful for its flexibility so that I can introduce our children to classic literature.  The author, Janice Campbell commented that "this curriculum is meant to be a delight, and to spark joy in the discovery of wonderful stories, plays and poems."  She's right!  :)

Check out the author's bio below:
Janice Campbell and her husband Donald homeschooled their four sons from preschool into college. She has been writing and speaking about things that matter for over two decades. Janice is the author of the Excellence in Literature curriculum for grades 8-12, Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College. She is also Director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE).
Whether teaching high school students to love literature or teaching writers and entrepreneurs how to create multiple streams of income, Janice’s focus is on lighting lamps so that others can more easily find their way. Her website,, offers inspiration, resources, and a free e-newsletter.

Info on the program:
~Each volume is available as a print book or e-book (and will soon be presented as online books on the website in 2012).
~Each one-year study guide is $29 and it's $139 for The Complete Curriculum (all 5 levels) in a binder.


You can read more on their FAQs page here.  There's lots and lots of info and support throughout the entire Everyday Education website, you won't leave with unanswered questions!  To see what my fellow Crew Mates had to say about Excellence in Literature, visit the Homeschool Crew Blog to read more.

**Disclosure: My review and opinion written in this post is entirely my own. This product was provided to me for free in exchange for my review as a member of the 2011-2012 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew.

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Sweetpeas said...

Audio books, what a great idea! I use them alot now while my children are little, but hadn't thought about using them when they are high school age.