Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Spuddy!

My one and only 'body-born' boy turned 9 years old on September 4th.  His nickname is Spud...or Spuddy...or Spudderd.  We couldn't make it up north to celebrate with extended family so we asked him what he wanted to do to make his day special.  He replied, 'I want to see Sue the T-Rex.'  So, off we went on the Metra train to the Field Museum in Chicago to meet Sue.  Here's the view of the city from the Field Museum- you can barely make out Lake Shore Dr. on the right hand side.

The front looked very majestic!  We were all so excited!  Right now there is a HUGE whale exhibit- did you know whales are HUGE?  The kids crawled through a model of a whale heart, that was huge!  Did you know the tongue of a whale weighs more than an elephant?  Amazingly huge...

Here's Sue!  She's named after the woman who discovered her... Sue.  This T-Rex skeleton is the most complete found to date, and in the best shape.  And it's in Chicago.  :)

This was an underground exhibit.  We were 'shrunk' as we entered.  We got to see what it would be like to be microscopic size and walk around underground.  The kids thought it was awesome...especially the 'shrinking' part.  There was a lot of talk about the show, "Honey I shrunk the kids."  LOL

The following day was his 'real' birthday so that's when we had cake and opened presents. Spuddy requested chocolate cake with fresh raspberry sauce.  He loves raspberries!  

Of course, as per our annual talk-while-eating-your-birthday-cake-and-sit-under-the-table-until-it's-gone game, Spuddy spoke.  So, under the table he went.  This is such a typical face for him!  

This is another typical look for him- crazy excited.  He enjoyed his presents...as usual...  HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY, SPUDDY!

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