Monday, September 12, 2011

Iced Coffee

Ok, one of my new favorite people of all time is The Pioneer Woman- she even got her very own show on Food Network!  That was just an added bonus for me cause I absolutely adore her.  I've been oooing and aaaahhhhing over her blog for a long time, mostly over her food and recipes.  She's my kinda girl!  I'll link you to her blog in just a minute...hang tight...please!  :)

In one of my many searches through her SCRUMPTIOUS recipes I found 'Perfect Iced Coffee.'  My sister brought me a cold brew maker many years ago and I thought it was super yummy but didn't drink iced coffee all that often.  Now that I've grown to depend on some coffee (especially around 3pm!) and it's hot outside, iced coffee is the perfect match for me!  I drooled as I scrolled through her cold brew pics and couldn't wait to make some myself.  I think the favorite part is that she kept A TON of the prepared coffee in her fridge (in a jug with a spicket!).  Did I mention I like her?  I would love to talk to her or meet her someday!  Anyone going to Oklahoma anytime soon?  :)

So, here's my take on her Perfect Iced Coffee.  It turned out quite yummy...

Then go look at her blog.  See if you get lost there for hours- like I did.

Totally yummy- I love coffee.  

This was 10 oz. of coffee and 1 1/2 gal. water.  I stirred it around and around in my bread-dough-bucket.  You can let it sit 8 hours- I left it over night.

I used a small mesh strainer and paper towels.  Nothing fancy around here- it did the job.

The leftover coffee looked so yummy to me... have I told you I love coffee?

The upcycled water container with spicket.  I like spickets too.  And now there's 1 1/2 gallons of iced coffee in my the fridge...waiting for me to open that spicket...and fill my glass.

LOTS of ice, cold-brew-coffee, half & half and caramel flavoring.

Now go and look at Ree's site...she did a much better job documenting than me.  Do you want some iced coffee now?

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beka said...

mmmmmm i love her recipes.
she's pretty dang awesome :D