Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess

The "joys" in having a toddler is all the cutesy-little-cartoons and cutesy-little-songs that go with them. Well...there's this one channel that our 4 year old likes to watch and in the mornings, they play this song:

Now mind you most mornings when I hear this song begin, I run for the other end of the house with coffee cup in hand. Because most likely I think my head may explode if I don't. This song has become the new 'thing' on birthdays around here- a new tradition of sorts. So now we sing the traditional 'Happy Birthday' song and then we sing the 'Happy-Happy Birthday to you' song. Usually the birthday-child is mortified and the rest of the children take pleasure in the 2 minutes of torture. Again, I look for somewhere to run...

Ok, so this one is a little blurry.  My camera battery died as I was about to take the first cake-picture.  So, I grabbed my phone.  We do what we can, right?  Look at my little-big girl, she's 6.

We sang the menagerie of birthday songs...the kids laughed...the grandparents wondered what in the world just happened...and I enjoyed all the blue teeth/lips from the Smurf cake.  

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