Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lesson Planning

So, I've spent the better night writing out lesson plans for the week.  I've got the kiddo's lesson plan book out, my school stuff out and I'm trying to merge everything so I don't forget anything.  I feel like I'm in a wind tunnel...where are all my ducks?  Are they in a row?  This is what I've been staring at for the better part of 3 1/2 hours...

But really I'm dreaming of this...Adler Planetarium in Chi town.

They just so happen to have free admission this Tue & Wed for residents.  And I just so happen to have an unused train ticket in my purse.  And 6 backpacks with coordinating lunch bags and a stroller...and 4 umbrellas...and lots of water bottles.  Think it's too early for a field trip the 2nd week of school?

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