Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All around great day

Today was one of those days, a mile-marker day! First of all, it is dd#4's birthday (dear daughter #4 turns two years old today). Our baby 'dear' isn't so baby anymore. She's getting more and more independent as the days go on~where has my cuddle bug gone? She still has her moments when she puts her little arms around my neck and gives me nose-rubs, gives me kisses & flashes that big grin. We had dinner at church tonight and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her as she ate her strawberry cupcake with pink frosting! She's a ham and loved every minute of it.

What topped off the night is when we arrived home and saw the light on the answering machine blinking. I have been trying to call Liberia all day with no luck- the calls won't even go through. I've been thinking about ds#2 and what is happening- has he been 'reunited' with the other 3 children- has everything gone smoothly? 'Mother Africa' left us the message and it said this: "God bless you, this is *** calling. I want to tell you that *** (ds#2) is here with us. I will talk with you tomorrow, have a blessed evening."

THANK YOU, JESUS! After all that worrying, praying on my knees, crying on my face at the sheer exhaustion of this journey- all 4 children are together in a safe environment and the paperwork is almost done. Today 'Mother Africa' should have picked up the adoption decrees on the 3 oldest children, as well as their birth certificates- now she can apply for their passports. Because ds#2 was brought in last, she will now begin the process on him. If I guess, in 2 weeks we may be able to purchase hubby's plane ticket. This is about the ONLY time during this process that I don't mind waiting. I know that 'grandma' is there now & all 4 children are together under one roof. I feel almost as good as if I or my hubby were there in person. This day has been long awaited. It's such a great (but surreal) feeling when it's finally our turn- seems like this day would have never come.

We give God all the praise for ALL of our blessings today and every day.

Happy Birthday, baby!
Welcome, ds#2- we've been waiting a long time for you to join the crowd!

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