Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Worry no more

Today is September 19th- 3 days until hubby's flight to Liberia. not only is God good, but he is very sympathetic! I had myself all worked up yesterday & just when I didn't think I would make it any longer- I received a phone call from Liberia. That phone call put me right in my place! It was our ds#1 (dear son #1). He was calling to tell me some news about ds#2- good news! News I had been praying about and waiting to hear...and he said it in just a way that caught my attention. He said it like, "Why were you even worried mom? Why is this SUCH good news? Yea, it's good~ buy why are you crying? Of course God was going to come through- why are you surprised?"

God just showed me that I need to forfeit all of this turmoil I'm putting MYSELF through! After the phone call ended, I thanked God as I felt about 1,000 pounds lifted from my shoulders. I then asked for forgiveness and have vowed to try and not worry anymore. It is needless and a waste of time. God also showed me Psalm 94: 18-19. "When I said, 'My foot is slipping,' your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul."

Last night I was tempted to fret about the passports not arriving yet with the Liberian visas. I caught myself, prayed and handed it over to God. In today's mail, the passports arrived with the Liberian visas. The final puzzle pieces are moving into place by the mighty hand of our Father. This puzzle is moving towards completion. Thank you, Father!

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