Friday, September 14, 2007

Sunshine & Rain

Today is September 14, 2007- my hubby leaves in 8 short days for Liberia. Today, I washed sheets & comforters and then made the 4 'big kid' beds, vacuumed corners in the upstairs bedrooms, cleaned & organized the attic & packed the children's suitcase. The children's suitcase holds a backpack for each child w/activities for the plane ride home (as well as a sweatshirt w/an American flag), and 3 sets of clothes for each child. Our friend who is taking care of the children (I'll refer to her as 'Mother Africa') tells me that our oldest son only has a few articles of clothing and the girls just have the clothes they're wearing. So, I've lovingly folded and packed 3 outfits per child, pj's, socks & shoes, under-clothes and toiletries.

I've smelled each article of clothing as I've folded it, labeled each tag with their initials and have handwritten a note to my children to read as they open the suitcase. I've prayed over each child's clothing as well as the suitcase. This is one of the moments I've been waiting for as a mother- for the last year and a half! God is moving... the time is near.

Also included in the children's suitcase is a gift for 'Mother Africa' - a new bible in a leather carrying case. This woman has gone above and beyond a favor. She has become ruthless in this quest- this journey ordained by God. I find myself thanking her during every phone call- she corrects me every time and says, "We thank God." She's right. We thank God- we praise God! God is truly making a way where there was no way... He is arriving right on time... just where He intends to be. What glory He deserves!

Two days ago, ds #1 (dear son #1) called. I called him back so he wouldn't use his minutes...but, I couldn't hear his voice. Instead, I heard rain. I heard the sound of the rain hitting the ground and the drops falling from the roof of the house. After I realized my 'ds' couldn't hear me, I sat for a moment before I hung up the phone to redial. I sat and listened to the African rain. That sound alone was a precious gift to me. Half way around the world, sits 4 children waiting on God to bring them new parents. The prayer they've agonized over for 10 years- the promise they've held on to & have trusted God to follow through with- is just around the corner. The fulfillment is near...

I redialed the phone and spoke with my 'ds #1'. He didn't have any idea that I could hear the rain in the previous phone call & not his voice- he just thought the call didn't go through. I finished my conversation with him & spoke with the other children. Told them I loved them & that daddy would be there very soon. After I hung up the phone, I thanked God for these precious children- these precious gifts- and I thanked Him for the rain.

Today as I drove through town, I glanced up at the sky and as the sun set- I noticed it was behind a cloud with its rays shining through the cloud. Truly a Godly moment for me. What a beautiful sight- I love seeing that. We go through the majority of our days not thinking about the sun, or even seeing its rays for that matter. What beauty we find in a rainbow- the combination of water & sun. As I saw the long, beautiful rays I thought about the pictures I used to draw as a child- pictures of the sun and big, long beautiful rays. Tonight, I thanked God for the beauty all around us and I thanked him for the sun. The sun that gives us light & warmth. The sun that comes up every morning without fail, the sun that peeks in my curtains to welcome me to another day & the sun that helps to grow the food we eat every day.

Thank you, God, for the rain and for the sun.

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